Saturday, 31 January 2009

Naww Fluffy Ponyyy.

Red was a good'un again today, though I think he noticed me turning up 5 minutes late, how dare I?! He saw me walk into the tackroom to get his breakfast and started neighing and snorting and banging away, haha. What a dear. He was also a bit surprised at the size of his breakfast; obviously I didn't want to give him a full brekkie because I didn't want to have to wait for 1 or 2 hours to ride, so just gave him a handful of pony nuts to keep him quiet; he did not look impressed hehe.

And then while he was tied up outside I mucked out, except he kept backing his bum into the stable and being a general pain lol, not the most patient of horsies I have to say. Managed to keep him satisfied with some haylage while I finished, I swear his life just revolves around food!

He was fairly good when I rode him too, gave him a long rein to begin with and he felt like he was reaching through his back nicely so a big change from the pent-up pony I came back to a few weeks ago! Did some lateral work - half pirouettes, shoulder in and a teeny bit of leg yielding, though he seems to find it very inconvenient to keep straight right now, grr. Haha, but it will come :D Kept a nice outline alot of the time too, again sometimes went too overbent or too deep with his head and neck, but he didnt lean on me this time, which made a nice change, I think working on a long rein to begin with helped him alot. We still had some stubborn moments, but it's Red, what do you expect haha. Got a lesson booked for during half term, just a half hour one while we're both coming back into work, but I've asked it to be a no-stirrups one, to make sure my seat is correct before we move onto anything else. But yeah, I'm pleased with our progress, my leg seems to be getting stronger with every ride; that's the main concern right now :)

Another post tomorrow; will be riding in the morning again, will try and get some footage. x

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