Sunday, 15 February 2009

Ohh dear, behind on the blogging again!

My baddd... been like 2 weeks, eek. Can't really remember what I've done each time I've ridden, so I'll talk about it as a whole lol.

Well I am very pleased with his flatwork, he's been veryy good and nice and soft now that he can hold himself a bit more, which is always nice :), been working on more lateral movements to try to get him to concentrate more, I like to think it's working haha. Generally start with some shoulder-in, on a long rein, he's getting nice and supple already which is loovvellly :) And then do some turning on the forehand, half pirouettes etc, which we're getting there, so yeah happy happy ;D

Last weekend managed to get a little pop in too, always a bonus. Though it was just a one off for the time being, I'm going to wait til the Spring so that he'll have more energy and less fur/flab to drag over the jump too hehe. Only up to about 2ft3 but Red did seem to enjoy himself haha.

I've got a lesson booked for Tuesday, so I guess that will show more our situation right now, how much work needs to be done before we start jumping more challenging exercises and heights, but yeah considering we're only a month and a week in I'm really pleased. :)

Ohh and managed to hack out for the first time today, with Tanya and Sirocco, kind of showed how unfit Red really was but it seemed to perk him up a bit :) Just did walking with a little trot up the road, but Red was veryy well behaved considering that a) it was raining, b) we went the road way and came across some lorries and other scary creatures, and c) well Rocs was hardly in the best of moods, she nearly swung her bum out in front of a car a couple of times and was walking sideways a fair bit too. But hey ho, I'm aliiive :D haha.

We'll get some more footage on Thursday; my mate is coming down for a wonderful sort out session in the tackroom too haha. Good stuff.