Sunday, 28 December 2008

Some more pictures...

ohh im getting so fed up of posting the same blogs promoting the same sorts of videos... i'm sorry :(
but there will be action soon, 10th january is getting closer :D yay.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Just another boring post...

well what do you expect, i have nothing interesting to talk about, as usual :P damn my broken leg days.

saw red twice last weekend, corr lucky me :P apparently he's still doing a fine job of trying to chuck everyone off, the darling. haha. oh well, not long now, just over 2 weeks, come onnnn.

but yeah on saturday he was very surprised to see me at 7am, as i went up the farm early having planned to go to towerlands with a mate and her horse, only to get half an hour down the road and to find poor Glemmy in the trailer sweating like anything, so we just took him home. then Red had some new shiny shoes put on :)
then sunday went to see him in his field, took him some apples as usual, swallowed them down then continued eating his haylage like i wasn't there, charming. but ohhh i cant wait to ride, got the whole routine planned out in my head, but maybe i'll bore you with that another time :D

just another video, because lets face it, i have time to burn.

oh & me and Red say Merry Christmas :D x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

This is getting ridiculous now... I WANT TO RIDE!

34 days til I can ride... gah.

But here's the latest video in the 2008 series, I'm going to do one more as the best bits, because I can :P. You lot are probably all SO bored of this. But meh. I have nothing better to do with my time right now lol.

I'm hoping to go to the farm again this weekend to see the Fatster. But it's very muddy out. Damn my crutches :(

I just realised I never call Red by his actual name anymore... haha. Poor little Redamski. x

2008. (September - November)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Another Video From The Little Man!

Just the next part in the apparently never-ending series!

2008. (End July - August.)

I'm running out of months so it will have to end soon! Oh and went to see the Fat Thing on Sunday, well could barely see him because it was so dark "/ but he was pleased about the apples I took him; you know I wonder sometimes whether it's me or just the apples he wants to see! :P But apparently he'd been ridden by my mate in the morning, out on a hack, and he was obviously feeling very very fresh due to the lack of work as he did his little 'rear buck' constantly... something I have to look forward to I guess :P although because I seem to know him inside out I know the trick to get him to stop haha, so hopefully he won't do it with me when I get back onboard! I felt so guilty for leaving him again, my poor little nugget. He had a bit of a tantrum when I left, I think he wanted to come in, because it's obviously so dark and cold and scary up in his field :|

Argh I need to decide what to get him as a Christmas present! I missed his birthday present this year :| so I have to make up for it! Haha.

Oh and I should be walking by 7th January, so only a month before I'm DEFINITELY getting back on Red :D Can't wait! x